Dont Break the Cocoon

Dont pinch the cocoon... let it be


Dai Shihan went out for a walk in the gardens outside the Dojo when he saw one of the youngest monks of the temple handling something in the branches of a tree…
-Sensei, What are you doing?- Dai Shihan inquired

-Dai Shihan- Answered the monk -You are always talking to us about the mercy of the Buda, and how we must serve nature and the flow of Tao, so, I noticed how the butterflies suffer trying to open the cocoon… I am pinching all the cocoons of this tree to help the poor butterflies to come out…

-Sensei, stop immediately what you are doing !!! go to your room and meditate, return in the down to see what you have done… then meditate again!!!


The young Sensei went to his room wondering what could be wrong; maybe there was something to learn about the butterflies first flight…

By down the Sensei observed all the empty cocoons in the branches and all the dead butterflies in the ground wondering how he did not understood the laws of nature, so he expend the next weeks in profound meditation…


Any Teacher, Martial Arts instructor and father would understand the temptation of solving the riddles of life to the newbies, you want them to see the marvels of what you are teaching them, you want to see their big eyeballs when they move forward, unfortunately it is your duty to stand over that temptation…

The butterflies need to break the cocoons by their own because it makes their wings stronger, they may not know it, they may suffer for it, but nature knows that they need strong wings to carry pollen and fly away from winter, as a Teacher you must follow the nature’s rules, if you go too deep in details, if you dont let them make mistakes they may lose the best teaching you can give them… to find themselves…

We have a board in the Dojo explaining Bushido, one day I was training with the help of one of my oldest students, who asked me to explain the meaning of the boards words, I reply with one of my favorites stories…

-C… what is your favorite food?-, I dont remember if he said spagetty or stake, but I replied –well, would you like me to chew it for you, put it again on the dish so you can EAT IT???-… as my own teacher always says “There are things you can learn, but are impossible to teach”.

So, next time you feel the presure of pushing too hard, remember that you dont want to see dead butterflies in the ground, don’t pinch the cocoon, let it be. Then, when that begginer student who thinks he is not ready for test, demonstrates all the techniques like an expert will be like seeing the butterfly open the cocoon and fly for the first time… you really did not do anything!!! but you feel part of that miracle somehow… that is being within the flow of Tao.


The flow of Tao...

Dai Shihan went out for a walk in the gardens outside the Dojo when he saw one of the youngest monks of the temple grabbing something from a branch of a tree…

-Sensei, What are you doing?- Dai Shihan inquired

-This poor pigeon is alone in the nest, and the cat is getting ready to atack, so I move it to a higher branch-

-Stupid!!!, you are interferring the flow of Tao- Dai Shihan shout…

The ashamed monk took the pigeon back to the nest, so Dai Shihan looked him in the eyes and said: -Stupid!!!, you are interferring the flow of Tao-


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3 Respuestas a “Dont Break the Cocoon

  1. Yonkyu Ricardo

    So, Sensei A. Does it really mean thath nature always is right?, what about then on making good decisions so students grow faster… and not just “let them be” ?, is it oneself part of the nature then?

    • Ricardo:
      Thank you for your comment…
      It is hard to explain the the Tao, is like grabbing the air… once you close your fist is gone…

      For nature there is no right or wrong, nature just IS, we are all part of it, but only the advanced spirits drive conciously within Tao, the most common human state is to be unbalanced and go “against” the flow of Tao.

      As an instructor you just have to be “aware”, and with time an experience you may learn how to perceive the flow, you always keep learning.

  2. Yes, the Tao is the Tao. Once you try to attach any other words to it, the concept simply disappears.


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